Introduction to QC

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Measurement instruments

3D coordinate measurement machine (CMM)
Name:3D coordinate measurement machine (CMM)
Process:Quality control and inspection / Mold and fixture design
Purpose:Mold / fixture measurements, product measurement, SPC measurements
Features:Simple operation, smooth motion, repeatable measurements, and excellent accuracy. Used for efficient measurements and monitoring of product quality at any time.Use DMIS as the internal measurement programming language, which is object-oriented programming. During the measurement process, it can automatically generate the DMIS procedures for measurement elements, probe replacement, and other variables.

2.5D Video Measurement  System
Name:2.5D Video Measurement System
Process:Quality Control and Inspection
Purpose:Product measurements, visual inspection of product appearance
Features:Zoom the image of the product on the screen to allow easy measurements of the product dimensions and easy observation of product quality so as to accelerate the measurement time.

Universal material testing machine (tensile strength testing machine)
Name:Universal material testing machine (tensile strength testing machine)
Process:Incoming inspection, quality control / inspection
Purpose:Incoming inspection, quality control / inspection
Features:To ensure the quality of raw materials and excellent quality of products, the control and testing of raw materials are performed. The output: maximum load, maximum elongation, maximum stress, maximum strain, and breaking load, fracture elongation, fracture stress and fracture strain.

Surface roughness meter
Name:Surface roughness meter
Process:Quality Control / Inspection
Purpose:Surface Treatment Inspection (roughness)
Features:These are used for the inspection at production site and for quality control with high precision and ease to carry. The measurements of the surface roughness of a variety of products can be achieved. The related parameters can be calculated according to customers' measurement conditions.
Parameters: Ra-->Ry-->Rz-->Rq

Impact Tester (Pendulum)
Name:Impact Tester (Pendulum)
Purpose:Raw material testing
Features:Due to the diversification of plastic materials, an impact testing machine is used to test and record the data to ensure the stable quality of the raw materials (plastic pellets) so as to meet customer requirements and to monitor the raw material supplier's quality in order to achieve stability of raw materials.

Impact testing machine
Name:Impact testing machine
Process:Quality Control / Inspection
Purpose:Raw material testing
Features:According to product requirements, the finished products are subject to the destructive tests at room temperature.

Hardness gauges (Shore A / Shore D)
Name:Hardness gauges (Shore A / Shore D)
Process:Quality Control / Inspection
Purpose:Raw material testing
Features:Shore D Plastic parts, hard materials, smaller test surface (Nylon, TPE, Hytrel, PP, etc.)
Shore A Rubber parts, soft materials, larger test surface (TPU, TPR, etc.)

Infrared Moisture Analyzer
Name:Infrared Moisture Analyzer
Process:Injection Molding
Purpose:Raw material moisture content test
Features:The plastic pellets are subject to dehumidification and drying operations before the injection molding production. We have purchased an infrared moisture analyzer to monitor the moisture content and establish the drying procedure for plastic raw materials so as to maintain product quality.