Introduction to Engineering Capability

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Properties of Plastic Materials

Engineering plastics are commonly used for industrial parts or chasses for industrial purpose. They are plastic materials with excellent strength, impact resistance, heat resistance, hardness and anti-aging properties. They can be used as high-performance plastics for structural and mechanical parts, which have heat resistance above 100 °C and are mainly used for industrial purposes.

The plastic molding materials can be divided into two types:

1. Thermoplastics:2. Thermosetting plastics:
At room temperature, it is usually granulated and can become a molten state after being heated to a certain temperature. It will become solidified after cooling. If is heated once again, it will turn into the molten state. So the thermoplastic waste is usually recyclable and usually called "recyclable materials".After being heated to a certain temperature, it becomes solidified, even if it is heated further, it cannot continue to change its state. Therefore, the thermosetting plastics cannot be reshaped by repeated heating, so the thermosetting plastic waste is usually not recyclable.

According to the characteristics of the two different types of plastic materials, the classifications are as follows:Classification of Plastic Materials