Introduction to QC

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Introduction to QC

Shuenn Der Shing holds the spirit of "Quality First, Customer Satisfaction, and Continuous Improvement" ,o be always serious and rigorous to provide first-class quality and service to customers. In addition, we keep on probing and understanding the industrial trends to timely and appropriately adjust our quality strategy and planning.

In terms of the quality management system, the Company has been ISO-9001 quality certification in 2002,but the Company has not stalled its pace of progress. In order to make the Company's quality system perfect, the Company was awarded both ISO/TS-16949 and ISO-14001 certifications at the same time in 2010.In this way, the company continues to improve the company's quality system, and thus achieve the goal of win-win situation for both sustainable operation and customer satisfaction.

In order to meet the quality requirements of customers, each stage and every aspect of the process from the incoming of material, process, product storage, and shipment are managed by the standard procedures. With appropriate measurement equipment and testing instruments, we perform strict control at every level, in order to maintain stable and high quality products for the customers' satisfaction.

The improvements in the quality depend on the quality and operation of professionals. Therefore, the company attaches great importance to the training of professional skills. We continue to actively arrange training courses for employees in order to enhance the quality and professional skills of employees. Shuenn Der Shing is also actively seeking quality refinements and continuous improvements. Such a pursuit of more efficient process and results brings more benefits to our customers while improving our own competitiveness. The consistent quality and refined services are our long-standing beliefs.

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