Process Capability

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        For the development of customer's new products or products for a quotation request, according to the 2D or 3D drawings or samples provided by the customers and based on the use of the product and characteristics during the quotation stage, Shuenn Der Shing's R&D team will recommend proper materials. If there is any problem which may affect the development of molds, we will provide real-time response or suggestions to the customer and discuss the design for modifications which may cause problems. And then we provide competitive quotations to customers so as to increase the possibility of success for the purchase orders. During the development phase of the samples, if any problem concerning with the manufacturing of the molds or the assembly of final products arises, we will feedback the problem to the customer in the shortest period of time. In addition to seeking solutions, Shuenn Der Shing's R&D team will also provide proposals for customers as references. With the discussions by both parties to reach a consensus, the best way for manufacturing the products will be adopted in order to achieve the optimal performance. In the mass production stage, the Company will perform operation control in accordance with customers' requirements. No matter the product quality or delivery due date, we will make every effort to achieve the goals.
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