Introduction to Engineering Capability

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Special Manufacturing Processes

Many plastic products require pre-processing steps, such as the production of the filter which required the insertion of plastic, or the iron, copper, and cable products which need to go through the lathe, milling, and forging steps.

Some plastic parts need to be controlled for shaping through the use of cooling fixtures after injection molding so as to achieve dimensional stability. Some plastic pieces require the secondary processing and assembly, such as ultrasound bonding, hot plate bonding, etc. SDS's R&D team can independently design the molds and then manufacture the molds, cooling fixtures, hot-plate molds, and ultrasonic molds so that we can look for the most rapid and suitable production process for customers.

In the production process, SDS's strong R&D team constantly seeks better ways of manufacturing processes and procedures. Even though each new project is actually a new challenge for us, the only solution is constant innovation and research so as to provide the customers with the best service.